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DriveTime Automotive Group Selling Portfolio, Dealerships

DriveTime Automotive Group has agreed to sell its $700 million portfolio of installment sales contracts, certificates of residual interests in securitizations and other assets to Santander Consumer USA. This sale is actually just one part of DriverTime’s larger effort to sell its entire operations. Once the portfolio is sold, the company will move to sell […]

Genuine Innovations Partners with Direct 2 Manufacturer

Genuine Innovations has signed a deal with Direct 2 Manufacturer (D2M) to sell its CO2 tire inflation products. D2M is a company that helps manufacturers with their dealer-direct sale campaigns.   Taking advantage of this new partnership, Genuine Innovations is releasing a new tire repair system. The free all-metal display that D2M has made for Genuine […]

Peterbilt Invites Crowdsourcing Designers to Come up with the Future Long Hauler

Long-haul truck builder Peterbilt is hosting a competition that has crowdsourcing designers working remotely and at times cooperatively to design the long hauler of the 21st century. The contest, perhaps the most controversial trucking decision since B.J. named his chimpanzee “the Bear,” has the same folks behind the Local Motor’s Rally Fighter (of Chandler, AZ) […]

Uninsured Vehicles Safe from Towing in Arizona

Uninsured vehicles in Arizona remain safe from towing following the defeat of a bill that would have given law enforcement the power to have uninsured vehicles towed and impounded. However, the narrow 6 to 7 defeat did make headlines and raise awareness about the type of penalties uninsured drivers already face within the state. Since, […]

Uninsured Drivers in Arizona

The state of Arizona has been reported to have the lowest national average of insured drivers, weighing in at 13.8 percent. Yet when there is a lack of authority not stopping uninsured drivers, more and more people take advantage. There are drivers who cannot cover the fees of their driving faults, such as serious traffic […]

AZ Car Loan Deals: National Bank of AZ

The National Bank of Arizona is a community-focused bank that is offering some surprisingly good auto finance deals.  For instance, consumers with good credit may be eligible for Arizona car loans with interest rates of less than 5%.  Often, such low rates have a catch:  short finance periods.  Not so with these NBAZ auto loans, […]

10 Great Desert Road Trip Vehicles

The Smart Fortwo, Toyota Yaris, and Ford Fiesta are great cars to save money on gas with, but would you like to try and cram more than two people in one and drive 500 miles? Certainly not. That is why you will not find any compact or sub-compact vehicles on anyone’s list of road cars. […]