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AZ Car Loan Deals: National Bank of AZ

The National Bank of Arizona is a community-focused bank that is offering some surprisingly good auto finance deals.  For instance, consumers with good credit may be eligible for Arizona car loans with interest rates of less than 5%.  Often, such low rates have a catch:  short finance periods.  Not so with these NBAZ auto loans, which can be had at terms of up to 5-6 years (60-72 months).  Low rates plus long-term repayment periods equate to low monthly payments, and who doesn’t like those? 

Additionally, you may not need a down payment, as the max LTV (loan-to-value) ratio is 10% above retail price, while an additional 15% can be financed to cover related costs.  So if you need to get a car financed in AZ, you might want to check in with NBAZ.  Just remember, you will most likely need excellent credit to qualify for 4.99% APR.

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